Below are links to some wonderful herbal apothecaries. All herbs are organic or wildcrafted. This is by no means an exhaustive list.


Woodland Essence – located in upstate NY. They offer many of the herbs and formulas recommended by Stephen Buhner for Lyme and co-infections.

Reverence Botanicals – a family owned farm in North Carolina. They have a small but important catalogue of herbs including Elder leaf and many herbs useful in Lyme treatment.

Eagle Peak Herbals – located in a remote, pristine corner of NE California this small, family owned farm has a wide array of single herbs and formulas.

Avena Botanicals – located in midcoast Maine, this is a well known local herb farm run by Deb Soule for over thirty years. She also makes wonderful face cream.

Elk Mountain Herbs

Desert Tortoise Botanicals

Hawaii Pharm – this apothecary specializes in Chinese herbal tinctures, a rare find that is extremely useful.

Powdered herbs:

Starwest Botanicals – high quality powdered herbs in various sizes.

Pacific Botanicals –