The Role of the Nervous System in Chronic iIllness

Thursday, April 25th at 6:30pm PST (This is a free talk. Click on the link below to register)

The nervous system has memory that goes all the way back to birth. It is like a huge computer full of files related to every sensory experience you have ever had. The files that get tagged as important, and referred to more often, are the ones with the greatest emotional charge. And as anyone who has struggled with chronic illness knows, there is a lot of emotional charge around being sick.

The nervous system is also directly connected to the immune system. They share information continuously so a calm, relaxed nervous system can help to create a balanced immune system.

This talk with review the basics of the nervous system – immune system connection and point you in the direction of tools and programs that can help rewire stuck patterns.

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Healthy Gut, Happy Life!

Thursday, May 23rd at 6:30pm (This is a free talk. Click on the link below to register)

Treatment for almost every chronic health condition starts in the gut. That includes hormonal imbalances, skin conditions, autoimmune diseases, pain syndromes, mood disorders, behavioral issues in children and much more! So how do we know what is out of balance in the gut and how do we correct it? Understanding the symptoms associated with some common types of imbalance (SIBO, yeast and parasites) are the starting point. Once you know what the problem is, correcting it is much easier.

This talk will cover the dynamics of healthy gut function, the common ways things go out of balance and my favorite treatment approaches.

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