Homemade Ghee

Ghee (Clarified Butter)

1 lb Organic (preferably grass fed) butter

1 clean pint-sized glass Mason jar with lid

Fine mesh strainer

Cheese cloth

Time to prepare:  About 20 minutes


Cut a small piece of cheese cloth, enough to fit into the bottom of the fine mesh strainer.  Set aside with the clean, glass jar.

Put cold butter into a heavy bottom pot over medium high heat.  When all butter is melted and it begins to bubble turn heat down to medium low.   Let bubble for about 5 minutes.  Using a wooden spoon and without touching the bottom of the pan, stir the butter gently one time.  Allow butter to continue bubbling.  DO NOT WALK AWAY AND LEAVE POT UNATTENDED, IT WILL BURN.

The whitish-yellow butter solids will slowly begin to settle to the bottom of the pan leaving a clear, golden liquid on top.  When the solids on the bottom of the pan are a dark, golden brown the ghee is done.  The boiling, bubbling noises will also become very quiet and constant, silent, frothy bubbles will start to form instead.  This is also a good indication the ghee is ready.  You may need to gently blow the bubbles aside in order to see the solids on the bottom of the pan.

Pour the ghee slowly through the cheesecloth lined strainer into the glass jar.  Gently set the lid on top without closing it and set the jar out of the way to cool.  WARNING:  The jar filled with ghee will be extremely hot so remember to use a towel or hot pad to move the jar.


How to use Ghee:

Ghee has a fairly high flash point which means it is a great option for medium to medium high heat sautéing.  It is a far better choice for sautéing than vegetable oil or olive oil.  Ghee can be added to soups and stews either as the base for sautéing vegetables or just before eating to add healthy oil to the body.  A tsp or more ghee (depending on your constitution) can be added to warm, breakfast cereal, cooked vegetables, warm grains or anything else that you like.

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